Translation and Cultural Mediation 2018

coverThe main aim of the present book is to raise awareness of some important aspects of translation applied to the specific context of Romanian culture, literature and language. Translation is approached here as one of the most important and effective instruments that mediate cultural and linguistic knowledge and, thus, help us better understand the other’s culture and values. Consequently, translation is looked at not only as a transfer from one cultural environment to another, but also as an agent of change. The book comprises a wide range of articles, written in Romanian and English, that approach the concept of translation and its cultural and linguistic implications.

This volume is published by the Department of Romanian Language and Culture at the University of Turku in partnership with the Romanian lectureship at the University of Lisbon, Portugal.

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Translation and Cultural Mediation. Inside and Outside Perspectives on Romanian Language, Culture and Literature / Traducere și mediere culturală. Perspective dinspre şi înspre limba, cultura şi literatura română.
Roxana Ciolăneanu & Paul Nanu (Eds.)
© Romanian Kieli ja Kulttuuri (2018)
Kieli- ja käännöstieteiden laitos | Turun Yliopisto
ISBN 978-951-29-7423-8 (Print)  |   ISBN 978-951-29-7424-5 (PDF)